1. How Does VolleyEngine Work?
    • The application establishes a direct connection between authenticated athlete and college coach/recruiter profiles.
  2. Who Can Use VolleyEngine App?
    • This is open to athletes aged 13 and above, as well as college coaches and recruiters.
  3. Is VolleyEngine Free to Use?
    • Our beta version will be free for all users. After the full version launches, a free subscription will be available.
  4. How Do I Create an Account?
    • Sign up on the app and follow the instructions. For more details, check out our website’s How it Works page.
  5. What Information Should I Include in My Profile?
    • Whatever information you want to share, consider that based on college coaches’ feedback, the more details, the better for them to make the proper selection.
  6. Can I Edit My Profile After Creation?
    • You can edit/update ALL your information whenever you want.
  7. How Do I Search for Athletes or Coaches?
    • The searching option is only available for College coaches/recruiters; Athletes have the option to explore other users’ video drills.
  8. How Can I Connect with Athletes or Coaches?
    • Through DM’s, you’ll need approval from the person receiving the message to start a chat.
  9. How Does VolleyEngine Ensure Privacy and Security?
    • Multiple Layers of security are part of our build, plus all info is encrypted and monitored.
  10. What Devices and Platforms Does VolleyEngine Support?
    • Only mobile devices running IOS and Android.
  11. How Can I Get Support or Contact VolleyEngine?
    • Visit our website and go to Contact Us or email us at support@volleyengine.com 
  12. Can I Cancel My Subscription or Delete My Account?
    • Yes, Anytime.
  13. Do You Offer a Refund Policy?
    • We do not offer refunds. 
  14. How Can I Report Inappropriate Content or Users?
    • There is an option to report users, messages, or any interaction; we review them daily, and you can also block anyone.
  15. Are There Any Requirements to Join VolleyEngine?
    • If you are an athlete, you must provide a copy of your High School ID; if you don’t have one, you must upload your USAV membership Card. If you are a College Coach/Recruiter, you must sign up using your email from your institution/work ending in edu.
  16. What Makes VolleyEngine Unique in the Market?
    • The average cost for volleyball recruiting services is between $650 to $3500 per year. We Connect the athletes directly with coaches for a tiny fraction of that cost. We do not have any upsells or hidden fees, and you can cancel your subscription anytime and keep your free version.
  17. Can I Use VolleyEngine for Volleyball Clubs and Teams?
    • Absolutely, the app can significantly complement your club’s recruiting services.